How to learn a language

How would you like to learn?

Would you rather read the instruction manual first, or dive in and learn on the job?

Would you rather compete or cooperate with the people around you?  . . . read more


How to grow your language

Five ways to approach a language you wish to learn or improve on.

Have a typical 5-minute conversation with a friend, but do this in the language that you want to grow.   . . . read more


How much do you already know?

It is a good idea to start by assessing your existing level and then sit down with your teacher and work out what objective you might achieve.  A lot depends on how you want to approach your language learning and the amount of time you have to invest.  . . . read more


Which exam is right for you?

PET, CAE, CPE, UCESOL Skills for Life, and IELTS, so many exams!  Which of these can help you . . . read more